Dr. James Coleman
Louisville, KY USA
Posted 05/12/2001 5:31:25 AM PDT

Cosmetics and Breast Cancer. It is truly tragic that so many women have been and continue to be victimized and devastated by breast cancer. Unknown to most women is the fact that breast cancer is essentially a preventable disease even among those women with a family history of this disease. Because of a gross lack of knowledge or willful blindness, most women appear to be unaware of the fact that many of their daily cosmetics contain a variety of carcinogens. Alcohol is one of the known causes of invasive breast cancer. Alcohol is also the main ingredient in perfumes, fragrances, hair sprays, astringents and many other personal care products. These products are in widespread use by girls and women. When applied to human skin, alcohol and many other cosmetic carcinogens are absorbed into the bloodstream within seconds. In recognition of the fact that alcohol may pose a potential health risk, even the cosmetic, fragrance and toiletry industries have placed the use of alcohol in their products under a self-imposed review. A study showed that chemical contaminants, including ingredients from perfumes, are present in breast milk. Some of these contaminants are carcinogenic in humans. Breast-feeding mothers pass on these carcinogens to their babies. In what appears to be a clear conflict of interest because of a profit motive, many cancer treatment facilities in many parts of world routinely distribute or facilitate the distribution of free cosmetics to breast cancer patients. Reportedly, some of the breast cancer patients accept and consume these gifts in defiance of the age-old axiom, "there are no free lunches." Women should take control of their lives and stop leaving the primary prevention of breast cancer to profiteering breast health advocates. NOTE: The medical information summarized herein was taken from mainstream medical journals that are in the public domain or the Web site of the cosmetic industry. For more related information and supporting medical references, please visit our web site at www.CancerResearchAmerica.org